This is my space for working on using the Savage Worlds RPG to run adventures in the the Star Trek setting.

“We’re Starfleet officers! Weird is part of the job”

“Maximum warp. Punch it!”

I’ve owned and played most of the Star Trek RPG systems produced over the years. Most, if not all, have done a good job of recreating the Star Trek universe. Not all have been fun to play, though. The Savage Worlds rule set is my default choice of RPG system. As such, it seemed to make sense to try and create a conversion to allow me to game in the Star Trek universe using my favourite system.

What this is not

This is by no means a complete conversion for the Star Trek gaming experience in Savage Worlds. I have tried to stick to the bits you will need to run a Star Trek game using Savage Worlds. I have kept these pages clear of background fluff for the most part. There are many sources of information on the Star Trek universe. For a start I would point you at the various published RPG systems out there. This is also by no means all my own work. I have been aided and encouraged by many people. Look at the acknowledgements page for more information.

This is also not finished. You will find parts of this work are incomplete. That’s because i’m still working on it and adding to it as the mood takes me. The project began life as a page on Wikispaces but that site is no longer available due to a change in the way Wikispaces manages it’s accounts.

That said, I hope you find something here to interest, help or inspire you in your Star Trek RPG adventures.

If you have comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Version 2.15, 201511.23

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